Polyvore is GONE!

A week or so ago I discovered when trying to log into my Polyvore account, my once loved site is no more!  If someone had a Polyvore account, when trying to log in they are immediately taken to the new SSENSE website 😦

Without any notice Polyvore sold out to a fashion retailer called SSENSE……which makes no sense in my opinion.

I was also surprised to see when I logged into WordPress all of my Polyvore content here has been deleted. My image boards, links…all gone!

Poloyvore has been online for 11 years that I know of and had accumulated a huge loyal following. For Polyvore to sell out to a company, in the way that they did, to a company that offers nothing at all creative to their members is shocking to many.

What was once a Polyvore creative space for so many, now seems to be nothing more than another fashion retail/advertisement store. And, sadly I’m not a fan of the style of clothing line offered by the SSENSE company.

The reason I’m sharing this information here is because most of my blog posts on WordPress were from my Polyvore account. I used it as well as a link to my Etsy shop and social media.

On a positive note, perhaps this will force me to get back into writing. And, hopefully, some tech~savvy person will take advantage of this opened hole in the market, see it as an opportunity & create a website and app that offers what Polyvore once did!

Mourning Polyvoreian,

~Tammy 😉

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