DAY 22 2

The Struggle

As anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows, weight loss can be a struggle. For many, losing weight is not as simple as flipping a switch. Or is it, can it be? Our reality is determined by the thoughts we think and the actions we take. After over 20 years I finally found my switch, and this series is intended to help people who have been struggling to lose weight, feeling not only lighter on your feet but, lighter in your soul-being.

As a child I was thin…that was until I hit puberty. After that I was the chubby kid who hated gym class and especially the locker room. Comments and comparisons from my peers as well as family helped to fuel my insecurities. My weight and self-esteem fluctuated through the years until I became pregnant with my first child when I to the horror of my doctor gained 100+ pounds! I took the sentiment (eating for two) literally, my body and well-being suffered for that choice.

After the birth of my first baby my weight for the first time rose above the dreaded 200-pound mark. Not only that, my weight continued to climb through the years. Raising kids, operating an in-home day-care and maintaining a household, I tried to convince myself weight didn’t matter—I could be happy and healthy regardless of what that dreaded scale revealed.

Trying to convince myself that weight didn’t matter was fairly easy, living in sweatpants and huge shirts help to support my thoughts that I wasn’t ‘THAT’ big. In actuality I was—my weight eventually soared to nearly 270-pounds! Even after topping this number, I minimized this weight by thinking and saying ‘I’m tall—5 feet 9 inches is tall, so 270 isn’t that bad—right?’  Maybe it would be healthy for a person 8 feet tall but certainly not at my height and my health and state of mind were showing signs of the damage this excess weight was causing.

Over the year’s certain events mandated my attendance and since my wardrobe consisted of stretch material or pajamas, that meant shopping for something fairly presentable wear. Shopping for clothes at my heaviest was something that caused me to break out into a cold sweat just thinking about the horror of the experience. My search was usually for something black, no eye-drawing prints and something preferably to cover my entire body. Needless to say clothes shopping for me during this time was a traumatizing experience for all involved—I was never one of those happier shopper’s eager to find the next ‘cute’ item!

Shopping excursions for me usually triggered my Monday morning diet plans. The problem with my plans is that they only lasted about two weeks—okay, let me be honest three days in most cases! Throughout the years my weight did fluctuate depending upon the fad diets or prescribed pills I was trying at any given time. However, I would quickly fall back into daily routines, excuses and gain back whatever weight I had lost—often times gaining back more weight than before I started the diet.

Unfortunately for me, this cycle continued until I reached my 40’s. The turning point for me was reached sitting in my doctor’s office. As I sat there, listening to his lecture about what my excess weight was doing to my health and quality of life, my hands began to sweat as embarrassment intensified and spilled out of my eyes in the form of tears. The tears must have startled my doctor as his reign of shaming ended by him saying that I was able to lose the weight only if I chose to do so. The doctor wrote me a prescription intended to help my dangerous cholesterol levels and I left feeling defeated and ashamed.

While I do not agree with the manner in which my doctor spoke to me about my weight, I am grateful to him because this was the point I truly decided to change my life. After the appointment I filled the cholesterol prescription and committed to making changes. Soon after taking the cholesterol medicine I began to feel nauseated—I stopped taking it (which I do not recommend unless you’re under a doctor’s care), and prayed my new eating plan would lower my bad cholesterol levels.  I put together a short booklet on THE PROCESS that worked and still works for me today. If interested in learning more about the process, the booklet can be purchased on amazon—the link: for $2.99. If you’re not interested in purchasing the booklet I will try to include a process as often as possible in this blog or you can email me with questions @ Below I have included one of the processes from the booklet that can be extremely useful in beginning the process of changing harmful belief patterns:

  1. Visualization: Create power-points of lovely things and/or a use a box to fill with magazine clippings or online images of pleasurable items. Included in my slides and box were images of beautiful clothes, women at a healthy weight, Yoga images, animals, sunrises, sunsets, gorgeous homes—any images that I found online that made me happy to look at was included. The important part of this process is to flip through the images appreciating the feelings each image stimulates. Recognize the FEELINGS are a manifestation, in the Abraham Hick’s teaches that holding a thought for at least 17 seconds will immediately work to manifest another similar/better feeling. The longer you’re able to hold a thought, the more likely you are to have physical manifestations appear in your experience.  Imagining how I would feel at my ideal body weight—content, happy, appreciative for my healthy body and energetic—these feelings are a manifestation that when sustained must come into physical manifestation through the law of attraction. Just as the law of gravity is true, it is so for law of attraction.

The key is to focus more on WHY you want something, rather than the negative aspects of NOT having what you desire. Remember law of attraction does not discriminate—focusing on why you should have something by concentrating on all the negative aspects of NOT having it, will only work to bring more of that lack into your experience! However, if focusing on the why you want something—such as remembering or imagining how good it feels to be at a lower weight or how exciting it is to try on new clothes and having them fit perfectly, these feeling vibrations will work to bring inspired urges to you. These inspired urges, if acted upon will lead you toward what is desired.

We are powerful creators and often do not realize we are supporting unwanted manifestations—such as a manifestation of excess weight. It is liberating and life changing to understand simply by altering our way of thinking and belief patterns we are able to shift our perspective and in doing so will create new experiences into our lives! It is true—give it a try, what have you got to lose?






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