Today is December 29th, 2015 and the New Year is quickly approaching. New Year resolutions are popular with many people and sometimes the same resolutions are made year after year, only to be forgotten come February 1st.

I personally look forward to making resolutions because they represent to me a time of renewal and setting exciting intentions for the coming year.

Resolutions such as losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, becoming more organized and, finding a better job are often common resolutions.

Making a written list of whatever it is you want is important because it provides a visual reminder of our intentions.

First on my list is to be happy—finding some type of peace, joy, love or appreciation, no matter what is going on in my day-to-day experiences. Because after all our perception of things have the power to make circumstances better or even worse!

Writing your resolutions in a favorite journal or finding an inspiring planner to start your New Year resolution list as well as noting your progress can be helpful to stay on track throughout the year.

I think pen and paper, rather than the use of electronic devices are more effective in supporting resolution achievement. There is something about actually writing down on paper our resolutions that further solidifies intent and helps to better support focus.

Consider how you will feel after achieving the resolutions and find images to represent those feelings. This will help to complement your resolution journaling—inspiring and motivating you throughout the year.

The feelings are after all the reason most people want the things they do. So when you achieve those desired feelings, notice and write them down—this is a manifestation! These feelings are the first indication you are on track and closer to the actual material manifestation of your resolutions!

Have fun with New Year resolutions—viewing the fresh new year as a chance to be, have or do whatever you desire!


Wishing you all a Happy, prosperous, healthy and Fun-Filled New Year!!!!



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