Day 25: Why Do Bad Things Happen????

So why do bad things happen? Bad things happen for the same reason good things happen. Each person’s dominant emotional feelings play a HUGE role in everything they experience on a day to day basis. 

We each create our experiences whether we realize it or not. I can feel the eye-rolls from many on this one! But, through experience in my own life and observing many others, I know and believe this to be true.

Of course what is considered bad and good varies between people. How each person perceives things is an individual experience. And, through this perception is what will keep a particular pattern of circumstances going, changing them or stopping them.

It’s so important every day to appreciate this physical life we are living. And, give little to (preferably no) attention to things that stir up unwanted feelings.  

To be clear: I’m not saying to ignore anything that needs immediate attention. Take care of what is necessary quickly because if certain things are ignored, those types of manifestations could become even more problematic.  

Clean up what needs to be with the least amount of attention possible and with each new day know things are getting better and better. This is what will help tip the scales toward bringing more pleasurable things into our lives.

What you will notice after practicing this for a while is you will receive better guidance—intuition will inspire more productive action within you.

What I mean by intuition is those urges we all get now and then, such as calling someone, applying for a particular job and/or making certain choices.

When our dominant emotions have been more focused on pleasurable feelings—intuitions WILL guide us to beneficial actions that will produce desirable results through our actions.

What some consider to be ‘bad things,’ (problems) will always be a part of life—otherwise how would people know what they want if they don’t realize what they do not want?    

I think of problems not as bad or good but as in contrast and an indication—signaling to me I’m on an emotional path that led me to something I don’t prefer.

So to get back on track when I’m HIT in the face with contrast—I start doing more of the things I like to do—too simplistic? Maybe to some but, it works. For me, taking walks, loving on my animals, painting, pinterest, even youtube! What EVER takes YOUR mind to a better feeling place, find what inspires better feelings within YOU.      

Wallowing in problems & stressing out over them every day only creates more of the things that will create bad-feeling emotions within us—THIS momentum is what will keep the manifesting cycle going, bringing similar problems/experiences into our lives.    

It’s a momentum cycle….but the good thing is we can decide what type of cycle we want through our perceptions. We all have the ability to think of things that will make us feel worse or better.

So yes, bad things will happen but, how we choose to perceive them and react to them will determine how they continue to manifest in our lives. It is comforting to me to remember every person has the power within them to change and improve EVERY aspect of their life through their focus, faith and belief.

Let’s get momentum going toward generating joyful experiences—nice to know we can start now, not tomorrow, or Monday but, NOW 🙂


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