Forgiving and letting go of resentment you may have toward others is important to not only your happiness but, your overall well-being.

Most of us have heard stress is not good for our bodies. Lower feeling vibrations such as resentment, hate and anger can have a detrimental impact on the body.

The mind, body and spirit association is incredibly connected. When one area isn’t working well, the other areas are affected. Below demonstrates how stress can manifest throughout our bodies:

STRESS    stress-diagram-35236468

(Ginwala, 2013)

Holding onto resentment allows feelings such as rage to fester and this can in turn manifest into substantial physical ailments.

To forgive someone is actually more beneficial to you than it is the other person. In many cases we create a scenario much worse in our minds than the other person considers the situation to actually be.

Telling someone you forgive them is often easier than actually feeling the true forgiveness for them. HOWEVER, verbally expressing forgiveness is a first step and can be helpful in creating a positive momentum toward relief and truly forgiving the person.

Even if a person is not ready to verbally forgive, they have the power to either imagine the situation differently or focus their attention to something or someone more pleasing.

The point is to do something, anything that stimulates feelings of relief within you.

During certain circumstances it may not be possible to generate feelings such as joy, ecstasy or maybe even love but, there are always thoughts you can reach for that will bring about some sort of relief.

Below is the emotional feeling scale from the book by Abraham-Hicks, “Ask and It is Given” Moving yourself up the scale through your thoughts and focus is possible and in doing so will create a more desirable vibrational momentum:


  • Start from where you are: You may not be able to find thoughts that will vault you from #22, feelings of fear/grief/depression/despair & powerlessness up to #5, to Optimism—however; you could find thoughts that could take you into #15, Blame—moving from #22 up to #15, into blame will give feelings of relief because blaming something or someone will feel better in most cases than powerlessness and despair.
  • If #20. Jealousy is where you are; reach for thoughts that will sooth this feeling, such as feeling gratitude for the things you love about your life right now. Consider that everyone is going through their own personal journey. Simply because someone may appear to ‘have it all’ certainly does not mean it so. Take comfort in the knowing that wanting is an important part of life—our journey is in continual motion and becoming aware of what you want is simply giving more clarity to your desires. Thoughts such as these could help to move a person up the emotional scale to #6, into Hopefulness.
  • #14, Worry. A job loss could bring up feelings of worry due to the loss of income, bills piling up and seemingly no job prospects in sight. A person experiencing this can either choose to feel sorry for themselves and their situation or focus on other things that will bring them feelings of relief. **** Examples of thoughts to bring about relief in relation to this could be: something always comes along, being grateful for your education—your experience—your skills and believing each new day is bringing new opportunities for something better. These thoughts will help to create a sense of relief. This type of thinking will generate a more desirable vibrational momentum and take a person quickly up the emotional scale to #6 into Hopefulness and even #5, Optimism.

Dwelling on problems will only increase a person’s level of anxiety, worry and feelings of hopelessness. We have already reviewed how damaging stress can be on the body.

Maintaining a positive outlook is much more important than many understand.

The most dominate feelings a person holds carries over into every aspect of their life. Walking into an interview or any situation, this dominate vibration will be non-verbally communicated to others and they will respond to you accordingly.

The dominate feeling vibration a person sustains creates a momentum that will manifest into tangible experiences and material things.

The Universe does NOT discern between good and bad thoughts, the law of attraction will simply match the vibrational momentum a person is sustaining to similar people and particular circumstances. For example:

  • An employer will instinctively hire a person whom they have a ‘good feeling’ about. Resumes may be practically identical but, an applicant radiating confidence, optimism and overall happiness for life will give this applicant an extraordinary competitive edge.
  • A person continually complaining about aches, pains, and worries over their current physical condition is creating a dominant feeling momentum that WILL bring more of the things to them that will sustain their current feelings.
  • Ever wonder why in most cases AFTER a diagnosis the person seems to get worse very fast? This is because they usually accept the diagnosis and expect their condition to worsen!


Sleeping allows us all to reset our momentum!!!  No matter where you were on the emotional scale before you slept, you have a new chance to reset your feeling vibrational momentum when you awake!

The Universe does not look at your past to decide your future—it matches right NOW with things that match your current vibration!

I believe God made us all in his image for the purpose of enjoying and experiencing what this physical life has to offer. God does not see or recognize our own perceived illnesses—he sees us all as well and perfect beings.

We have been given a gift of free choice, free will to have, be or do anything we desire. Too often this is forgotten and a sense that life is simply ‘happening’ to a person—this is NOT so!

Every minute we are creating our personal experiences—it is time we recognize this by utilizing our God given power and start living the life we desire now.

You may not be able to heal your body in this moment BUT, you can choose to perceive it differently in this moment and focus on something other than your current bodily conditions! Doing so WILL put into motion your improved state of health right now and sustaining this feeling vibration will bring your healing in time.

We all have within each of us the power to heal our bodies and transform our lives for the better. Use the emotional scale not as motivation but rather an inspirational reminder that yes indeed YOU do have the power to make things better in your life, right now!


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