Day 23: The Monday Blues

DAY 24 1

I’m writing this on Saturday evening and after being out and about on this gorgeous autumn day, I noticed how much more relaxed people seemed to be.

Even people that were working on this Saturday appeared to be happier and friendlier. What could be the reason for a general improvement in the moods of a group of people?

Could a day of the week actually influence a person’s disposition? I think yes, and the reason is because of the beliefs they hold about certain days of the week.

For example: It seems to be the ‘norm’ to consider Monday’s as a difficult day of the week for most people. The Monday Blues is a widely accepted phenomenon. Most likely reason is because Monday is usually the first day of the week back to work for many people.

The weekend (Saturday and Sunday) has become widely known and accepted in our society as the fun days of the week. A time for doing things we want to do—relaxing and enjoying things we feel cannot be enjoyed on a ‘work’ or ‘school’ day.

This is only a belief that has been ingrained within some people. The good thing is we all have the power to change this belief.

This socially accepted way of thinking that certain days are going to be problematic and others pleasurable have directly influenced not only some people’s attitudes but, also what actually manifests physically in their experiences on these certain days!

If you wake up with dread that Monday morning has come, things will most likely unfold to match this belief! Manifestations such as, heavy traffic, difficult people and the day in general will most likely continue to harmonize with your belief that Monday is going to be a bad day.

Every day could feel more like the weekend if this Monday belief is shifted. Try a few of these simple steps that may help to shift your ‘Monday Blues’ beliefs:

  • Try to imagine each day as a blessing and it’s up to each of us whether we enjoy this gift or squander what each day has to offer.
  • Pick something enjoyable that you usually only do on the weekend and do it through the week. It could be as simple as a walk in the park, a relaxing bubble bath and facial, bowling or watching a favorite movie. Anything that you reserve only for the weekends, start doing it through the week as well.
  • Before bed set your intention to get a great nights rest and intend to awaken in the morning full of energy and fun expectations for the new day.
  • Start your day will expecting something wonderful to happen. With each new day comes a new opportunity for wonderment.
  • Notice what each day has to offer—things that can be appreciated regardless of the day of week. There is beauty all around it if we simply take the time to notice.
  • Throughout the day remember you have the power to think and do whatever you choose. You may need to complete a particular task but, how you perceive it will affect the outcome and your mood.
  • Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate—always find something to appreciate throughout your day! Appreciating and being grateful for what you have will bring more into your day that will harmonize with this state of mind.
  • Take the time to maintain a nightly clean-up routine, this quick-pick up of your home will help everything run smoother in the mornings.

These are only a few tips that may help to shift your Monday Blues beliefs. Before long, you should recognize an improvement in your mood, regardless of the day of the week.

People around you will begin to notice an improved difference and will react accordingly—people want to interact with happy people and more pleasurable experiences will become the ‘norm’ for you on Monday and every day of the week! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Day 23: The Monday Blues

    • Yes it is Christy, some days I have to remind myself this a couple times…okay maybe 100+ or more 😉 It does help to view things in a different light. Thanks so much for the follow!!!! 🙂 ❤

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