Day 22: The Wants…

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Why do you suppose people want something? New houses, cars, more money, vacations or a better relationship—have you ever wondered why people want these things?

Most people desire things because they think these things will make them feel better.

But, consider how the things you want make you feel. Would getting a new car inspire feelings of safety, pride and sense of accomplishment?

Consider this—is there something you can do right now (besides getting the new car) that would inspire those same feelings?

Draw your attention toward things that help to inspire those feelings. It could be something as simple as playing with your children, grandchildren, taking a walk in nature or cuddling with your pet.

Acquiring ‘things’ has more to do with how the person wanting them believes it will make them feel in the possessing of them, than the actual thing itself.

The belief that the ‘things’ will make us happy or more fulfilled in some way is in many cases the driving force behind material desires.

So why not do things now that can inspire those types of feelings? In this type of satisfaction, you may be surprised that the thing you’ve been wanting may suddenly show up in your experience!

Worrying and becoming discouraged because it’s taking too long to acquire something you’ve been wanting, only holds it away from you longer.

I think it is so important to realize we all has human beings will always desire something new—something different. I believe that is simply the way we most humans are wired.

Wanting something new is exciting, we’ve come here to experience life—not all in one day, but through our continual life process.

Figure out why you are want something and recognize what you have available to you right now that will also stimulate those same feelings.

Contentment and satisfaction can be more easily achieved if we are experiencing feelings we regard as important.

Appreciating what you have now and focusing upon what will bring about the feeling part of your wants is what will help to manifest whatever you desire quicker!

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