Day 20: Soul Companions

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Well, for the past few days our household has been turned a bit upside down. Someone apparently decided to drop 5 little kittens off at our house on Saturday.

We found them out by our deck early in the (very cold) morning; they were so cold and crying so loud we could hear them in the house with all the doors and windows closed.

How could I not bring these sweet little fur balls into our house! Yes, caring for 4 week old kittens (approximately 4 weeks), is extra work but, every time I look at their sweet faces and can feel their strong desire to live; it makes all the work worth the effort!

We took the littles ones to the Vet Monday for their first worming and necessary meds. Sadly, one very small kittie didn’t make it but, the vet says the other 4 are looking really good and should thrive well!

As the Vet predicted the kitties are thriving—today is Wednesday and they are all playing and eating like little piglets 🙂  I’ve fallen in love with all of them.

Some may wonder what this kitten story has to do with this particular 31 day writing series on happiness, and I did hesitate before including this post.

But, after consideration I decided this story is very relevant to my 31 day writing topic because it’s an example of how even among chaos we can all still maintain humor, love, and learn to make the best of things even during a hectic time in our lives.Our happy, full, chaotic household now includes the 4 new kittens, 2 dogs, 2 full-grown cats…plus all of us, human animals 🙂            DAY 21 5

DAY 21 8

Even if your household isn’t occupied with any pets, my recommendation is visit a friend who does have furry soul companions. Chances are if you hold and love on them for a minute or two you will feel how much joy comes into your heart in that very moment! Instant happiness, at least for me!

Visit your local animal shelter or rescue facility and consider adopting into your family a new furry friend and soul companion for life.

Animals bring joy to me every day—their sweet faces, soulful eyes, never judgmental attitudes, their always uplifting and never-ending love and companionship are common characteristics of most all animals. This has always been of great comfort to me even during difficult times in my life.

Sometimes people unfortunately do not possess the characteristics listed above. It is easier for humans to forget we are more spiritual beings than physical and because of this sometimes get caught up in problems they create and make greater in their minds.

Animals never forget that they are mostly spirit in a physical body—they are here to ENJOY the physical experience!!!!!!

I can always count on my furry soul companions to brighten my mood and days and I’m grateful every single day for them all! 🙂

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