Day 17: Clearing the Clutter!

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Cleaning to some may be a dreaded chore but, for me it’s calming. And, the feeling after I’ve cleaned and organized something is refreshing to me. I not only clear the clutter in my home, I clear my mind clutter during the cleaning process!

Most people know of a few ways to de-stress, things they can do to relax or at least rely on to occupy their mind for a bit. For me, it’s cleaning. Yes, I know, I’m living on the edge!!!  😉

Our homes are more important to our happiness and well-being than some may give it credit. Therefore the cleaning subject should be visited in this series.

Think of how you feel when you walk through your door after a long day? What is the first thing you see, a beautifully clean space that welcomes you to come in and relax? Or do you open the door and immediately see piles of clutter everywhere?

I am a firm believer that our living spaces influence our moods and health. If our homes are in a continual state of disarray, it is likely a good deal of time is spent looking for things.

Think for a moment how you feel in the morning when you’re in a desperate search for your keys, purse, portfolio—something you need to leave and you cannot find it! It may bring up emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness and guilt! All vibrational feelings, charged with strong emotion that will create the momentum for your day!

And, throwing…I mean ‘storing’ all the clutter in your bedroom, in my opinion does NOT help. The bedroom should be a calming sanctuary, clear of clutter, organized and decorated in a manner that is pleasing to you.

So what to do if you look around and think to yourself someone from that Hoarder show is going to come knocking any minute? My advice, start now—not after you have a plan, not after you run to the container store for organizing supplies that may or may not be needed. Simply START, pick one room and work on that until the room is done before moving onto the next room.

Once you finish one room you should feel very accomplished and excited to move forward to the next. After the home is completely clean and organized, it will be much easier to keep it tidy on a daily basis. With only deep cleaning needed one or two days per week.

Give it a try; create an environment that reflects how you live your life. And, once you experience the sense of accomplishment and how liberating an organized and clean home is, my guess is you may just catch the cleaning bug as I did many years ago! A clutter free home goes hand and hand with a clutter-free mind 🙂

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