Day 16: Just be Silly Sometimes!

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Yes, silliness is good for the soul! So much—too much seriousness going on in my opinion for anyone’s good! Take a minute or two to see the humor in just about every situation you encounter.

You may be amazed at just how silly people can be in regards to their personal seriousness.

For example, walk into most establishments where to be in line you must take a number and wait. Now if you’re the only customer there and 4 customer service representatives waiting, one would assume no number pulling would be necessary. This assumption will probably be wrong, so instead of putting yourself through an extra wait time, go ahead and pull that number so they can ‘by number’ call you up.

Silly to many, yes probably so—but, not to those diligent and ridged customer service representatives.

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Politics is a colosseum of seriousness. I like to think of it as more of a playground, because half the time I cannot even watch or listen without thinking where are the parents of these juveniles???

Instead of letting the seriousness of some people get you down, next time just think of how silly their premise and actions are.

So maybe don’t laugh out loud in certain circumstances but, it is amusing to laugh a little in your mind…envision that LOL bubbling up and forgive them for their seriousness for they know not what is most important.

And, the most important thing should be to everyone, to just have fun. Try not to take everything so literally—something seemingly so serious this minute, tomorrow may seem very trivial.

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