Day 13: How to Sustain Happiness among Unhappy People

DAY 13 1

I’m sure we all know them or are related to a few (or many) unhappy people. Those people who would find something to complain about in regards to every circumstance.

It’s important to remember these types of people in most cases act out because they are extremely displeased with their own lives. When they are critical of others it is a reflection of how they perceive themselves.

With that said, it is still at times difficult to sustain your own happiness in the midst of another’s complaining rant. What can be done to lessen the potential negative influence that a ranting outburst could have?

If you can remove yourself from the person—do that! Excuse yourself to make an important phone call or to run an important errand, any excuse to leave the situation will stop the flood of negativity spewing from another person.

Of course many times excusing yourself from uncomfortable people is impossible. You may experience them daily at work or they may be family members or even friends.

In an unavoidable situation, when you’re in the midst or the focus of someone’s emotional fit, listening and letting the person vent may be all they need. Often a response isn’t even needed and in many cases responding and trying to ‘make’ them feel better only makes things worse!

In the case of a person who generally complains about everything, here is where you can counter each complaint with something pleasing to you relative to what their grumbling about. This technique will either influence the complaining person to feel better or they will take notice that you do not want to hear their complaints.

A consistently happy person who is joyful most of the time is many times a thorn in the side of unhappy people. They would rather be around people who will complain with them and join them in their misery. This is a good thing, if they are going to continue on their distressed path, that is their choice and if another person who will commiserate with them is who they believe they need, you do not want to be that person! Allow them to move on and enjoy them when they can be joyful with you rather than pushing against everything and everyone.

You can still hold the image of another person in a loving place. Imagine them as you know their soul to be—caring, beautiful and warm.  Understanding that everyone has their own unique path to live and it’s not your job to convince them your way is ‘better,’ because for them it may not be!

It seems most of society expects another to listen and sympathize or empathize with another person’s problems and complaints—even if the complaints are constant. You don’t want to appear uncaring but, you do not want to allow another person to suck the happy and joy right out of you either!

You have the power to allow another person’s actions and moods to influence you or not. Throughout this series I have discussed how momentum is built through the dominate vibration (our thoughts) we sustain. With enough practice our own happiness cannot be influenced by another person or circumstances because our momentum simply will not allow it.

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