Day 10: Recognizing a Pattern

DAY 10 1

I recognized that people seemed to stay stuck in what some define as happiness and others suffering. Their thought streams continually in motion, creating a powerful momentum that consistently supports their respective realities.

After learning that our thought streams are created by our habitual patterns of thoughts, which creates they type of reality we are living, it was easier for me to understand why some people continue to live what they consider to be unwanted experiences—time and time again!

Early in my research of these patterns, I recognized my pattern of thoughts had created the details of my life—no outside forces did this to me, I was the responsible culprit!

Up to this point I had been stuck in the ‘woe is me’ state of mind and from that been attracting matching experiences and people of similar vibrations continually into my life.

By the time I finally realized the correlation between thoughts and reality, I had already established a strong momentum that had been consistently supported by my thought stream of, fear, lack, sadness, anger, stress, and even hopelessness.

Comparing other people as well, I quickly noticed how people who were abundant and blessed in most areas of their lives always seemed happy. Every time I would talk to them they had something good to say about EVERYTHING! Okay, at the time I wasn’t feeling great about my current reality so this was a bit annoying but, still I was determined to understand why and how these ‘happy’ people maintained their joy and their abundant lives.

I finally realized their happiness and joy was not coming from the reality they were living—their happiness and joy came first!

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Even when something unexpected and unwanted came up in the lives of these ‘happy’ people, they were able to quickly turn it around. And, even in the midst of what others would consider a catastrophe, these ‘happy’ people would still find something good within the experience.

I realized their ability to find the goodness in even a catastrophe is what brought the ‘happy’ people out of their unhappiness quicker than people who were on the ‘woe is me’ thought stream.

The ability to pull your-self out of despair quickly, regardless of circumstance, is valuable because the unwanted thoughts aren’t around long enough to establish a strong pattern of thought.

When thought streams are consistently moving in a positive direction, that vibration and momentum brings to us more like feelings and things that will support our thought patterns!

The good thing about learning this is that anyone can start from right where they are and shift their thoughts right now!

Even me in the throes of my ‘woe is me’ stream I was able to start noticing when an unpleasant thought would pop into my mind. And, instead of allowing that thought to grow into even more unpleasant thoughts I started shifting thoughts to those that felt better. In doing so began turning my pattern of thinking to a more pleasing and consistent thought stream.

I wanted to create a more positive dominate vibration within me and I knew this could be accomplished through the thoughts I gave the most attention to. And, I also learned if attention is not given to negative thoughts they soon dissipate and no longer would they be stuck in my vibrational thought stream.

It didn’t take long to notice not only was I feeling better but, people around me were responding differently to me and more of my daily experiences were actually enjoyable!

Not only was my feelings changing, my material/physical experiences were improving as well! After struggling for many years financially, my husband was hired on with a great company and the income I was bringing in was no longer necessary. I was finally able to be a stay at home mom and housewife (something I yearned for after having our first child), which worked out better for our family.

DAY 10 4 DAY 10 5

It is nice to know we all have the power within us to shift our thoughts anytime and anywhere. Even if currently you’re in a marriage or relationship that seems unbearable to you, it’s nice to know you can right now start to shift your perspective—for example:

  • Start thinking about the aspects of your partner you do like—even if it’s only a physical attribute at this point, at least it’s something you appreciate.
  • Begin noticing the things your partner does that pleases you and tell them you appreciate whatever it is.
  • Imagine your partner the way your inner source sees them—as a loving, beautiful, perfect soul.
  • Expect good things are happening for your family; believe all is well and evolving perfectly.
  • The minute you recognize a conversation is turning toward a subject that has resulted in previous arguments, get off that topic! Or remove your-self from the conversation all together—make any excuse, you forgot to do something, anything to head off a possible argument.
  • Imagine your ideal relationship—focus on how it makes you feel and put your attention on anything that helps to inspire those types of feelings within you.
  • Know every morning you wake up with a clean slate—you can begin your day with any thought you desire and that thought pattern will grow into the stream you choose.

After practicing the above for a while you may notice your partner responding to you better and your daily routine with this person will become more relaxed and easier. You may start to see your relationship in a new light—loving each other as you once did.

Or it may become clear it is time to part ways from your partner, either way shifting your thoughts to what inspires better feelings within you will create a thought stream that brings clarity instead of confusion and solutions to current problems.

Some Therapists recommend talking out your problems. I’m no Therapist but, I’ve been married for over 30 years and I can say from experience and confidence talking more about your problems only is helpful in stiring up more problems!!!!!!

After practicing creating the type of thought patterns you prefer, you will begin to notice even when catastrophes and difficulties do arise they will not send your life into a life-altering downward spiral. You will be able to perceive unwanted experiences differently and in doing so will be able to quickly find clarity to any situation.

This is not a secret available to only the Elite, it is a power within us all that if recognized and practiced will change the life you are living if you desire.

As for me, I continue to reach for and find better feeling thoughts because I have and am enjoying the immense power this thought stream has to offer!

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