Day 8: Appreciation, Momentum, Money, Happiness & our Guidance System~Oh My!

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So throughout the beginning of this series the importance of maintaining good thoughts has been heavily discussed. The road to happiness is built from the vibrational momentum our feelings create.

Some people may think feeling good and being appreciative is a nice concept but, do not understand how it truly relates directly to everything in your life—yes, this includes what many consider to be practical things, such as how much money you have or don’t have.

Remember the old saying, ‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!’ There is more truth to this saying than many realize!

If someone spends the majority of their time worrying about how they are going to pay their bills, this type of shortage consciousness will create a momentum that will continue to create even more shortage and lack into their lives!

Do you ever wonder why when 1 thing breaks down in your car that other things in your life start to break down also? If something like this happens, you know an unwanted momentum has been set into motion.

Now that you know how vibrational momentum works, you can better understand why reaching for happier, more pleasant thoughts will be helpful in creating the life you want.

DAY 8 3

This concept of being happy is not just a Pollyanna way of thinking—it is a very practical approach to improving EVERY area of your life!

Our emotions and feelings directly influence every single aspect of our lives. It is the foundation for creating the vibrational momentum in our lives. The type of momentum is based on how we are feeling most of the time.

So to all the skeptics that think feeling happy is not going to fatten up their bank accounts—think again, because it absolutely can and will if you give more focus to feeling abundant rather than focus on lack full thinking.

Consider what having plenty of money feels like. Does it inspire a sense of security, excitement and/or relief within you? If it is too difficult to feel this while focusing on money, focus your attention on something that does inspire these types of abundant feelings.

Some people may wonder how they can possibly feel abundant when clearly their reality is they do not have enough money right now to even pay their bills or buy a lottery ticket!

Start from where you are—you know when something is working to make you feel better or worse, remember that inner-guidance? Trust this guidance—look for things that make you feel some sort of improvement and you will begin to shift your vibrational momentum toward something that will bring more pleasing things to you.

Sometimes it is better to not think at all—if this means take a nap, take a nap! Meditate, take 10 long breaths, take a walk, love on your kids, your pets, do anything that will free your mind from the unhelpful chatter of your mind.

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Don’t be afraid of the bad experiences or the negative thoughts that will surely creep in now or then! This type of departure from what is preferred helps us to compare and distinguish more precisely what we want instead.

What I think can be most valuable is the ability to recognize that bad experiences are similar to an alarm system. It is trying to grab our attention—it is our inner guidance telling us we are headed into something unwanted or in the midst of something undesirable.

My belief is God never focuses upon sickness, injustice or a lack of anything, our inner-guidance only perceives the goodness in everything and everyone. If something feels bad to us, this is our signal we are not in harmony with our inner guidance. Learn to trust these feelings!

Bad feelings such as fear, sadness, unworthiness, frustration and anger are built in alarm systems to indicate when we are veering or have fallen off the desired path.

If we choose to continue feeding into these unwanted feelings, more of the things and people that are displeasing to us will continue to parade through our lives.

Thank goodness we have this alarm system within us all, because we are able to take notice if we choose. And, in taking notice we can identify what we want instead and change our thoughts accordingly.

For example, if we didn’t have a signal to let us know when our phone battery is low we would never know when to re-charge it! We need signaling systems to guide our next move!

Of course there are certain things we may be experiencing that we cannot immediately change. For example, someone may feel like their current job is sucking the joy out of them. However, if they were to quit this job without having another source of income first, the ramifications of such a loss of income and security would most likely result in even more discomfort.

Appreciation is extremely powerful in shifting our perspective. Situations such as the example above can be used to our advantage by first remembering how you felt when you first got that job, you now want to leave. Remembering why at first you really wanted that job and how getting the job made you FEEL at the time of being hired will help to bring up better feelings about your job.

A new job is usually exciting because it triggers feelings of accomplishment, eagerness, security and well-being. Someone wants and appreciates what we have to offer by hiring us—they need and desire the skills we have to offer.

By remembering and appreciating a current job in this manner or a particular situation or even person, it will start to shift your perspective. Appreciation is the quickest path toward bringing in something better.

We will always be reaching for something new, through a momentum of appreciation, the opportunities will be clear, the action to take will be revealed to us, and our state of mind will be in the allowing mode to receive our desires in every area of our life!

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