Don’t allow Fear suppress your happiness!


I believe we all enter into this life for a joyful human experience. I also believe the soul is never ending.

At birth the physical body is still made up of mostly soul consciousness, an inner guidance system—intending to live a healthy, pleasurable experience.

As life is lived, human beings unfortunately tend to listen less and less to their own soul guidance and more to other people. As a baby grows they are surrounded by well-meaning people telling them what to do, when to do it and why to do it.

Children want to have fun, no matter what they are doing or where they are! This is their inner guidance system that knows being happy is what is most important and the key to well-being.

The well-meaning people giving instruction and advice to children are most often parents, relatives, doctors, teachers and religious advisors. And, most often the reasoning behind their advice giving is FEAR based.

After a thought is focused upon for a while, it does become a belief. The good thing about that is we can change our old beliefs to anything we prefer now.

We’ve probably all seen the parents who suit up their children in protective gear before they play sports or participate in other outside activities. This would be fine if fear-based reasoning wasn’t introduced to the child.

For example: Don’t ride any bicycles without being geared up to look like a sumo wrestler, what is the reasoning behind this advice? Because you could crack your scull open! Wow, now this just may work to scare a kid into wearing that gear! But, in the process instills within them a thought that will most likely stick with him until it is an ingrained-full blown belief.

I remember as a kid flying out the kitchen door, jumping on my bike and riding without a care in the world, without a helmet, knee or elbow pads! It is a wonder I actually survived to tell this story!

Perhaps my childhood survival had something to do with not believing I needed all that protective gear to be safe? Perhaps I knew I was safe and because of this pure belief I was.


The Pharmaceutical and Media companies have greatly profited from contributing to the creation of a more fear-based society.

Media thrives on finding the latest horrific news story to share with the world. Why? Because that is what unfortunately sells, most of society has been conditioned to believe they must stay informed of these dreadful events to stay safe.

Actually, the more attention and focus that is given to any subject, the stronger the momentum will get. And, as discussed in my last blog post, a stronger momentum will work to manifest similar vibrational matches.

Weigh the many choices available to us as a society and consider which feel better when you give your attention to it? It is actually as simple as that to start feeling better right this very minute!

Create and focus upon new thoughts to ingrain new beliefs.

Pharmaceutical companies and the medical community are conditioned to seek out illnesses and study the problems of the human condition. All the research and study results in the making of a plethora of medicines that only treat the symptoms—rarely are cures developed and marketed to the public.

Why? Because companies know people are more likely to buy products based on fear. These companies also make more money selling products and treating symptoms rather than offering cure based products and help.

Ärtin mit Visitenkarte in der Hand

Ärtin mit Visitenkarte in der Hand

Much thought is usually not given to the human inner-guidance system. And, here is where the power really is, within us all we have the power to heal ourselves in a way no medicine or treatment ever could.

Through practice we all have the power to tune into our own inner guidance. The first step again is to focus more on the things that give us pleasure rather than things that do not!

After practicing this for a short time, you will be guided toward things that are more pleasing to you! You will set the momentum to instill new beliefs that are more pleasing. This will inspire the action needed to allow your good health and happiness into your physical experience.

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