31 Days to Happy

Day 1: I have decided to dedicate 31 days of writing to happiness.  Areas that will be discussed are: how to be happy, why is being happy so important to the quality of life a person experiences, is anyone today truly happy, and what can be achieved by all this happiness?

In my many years of learning about the law of attraction and stumbling through many life and spiritual lessons, I had an epiphany—the goal is really just to be happy, simple as that! Surely a truckload of money, finding and getting a great job and meeting your soul-mate would make anyone happy, right? No, not necessarily so!

Sometimes we get so caught up in what seems to make others happy, we embrace their achievements as goals we strive to achieve as well. I soon learned many people who appear to have it all are unfortunately extremely miserable in their day-to-day lives.

Of course there are a ton of self-help books and material available in the marketplace. But, I want to clearly explain simply how happiness is the key to everything—a better financial state, more enjoyable relationships, improved health and living an overall enhanced quality of life.

This writing series will explore these issues and possible many more on this expansive topic. My goal is to reach out to as many people as possible, to share a simple message on how it is way easier than many think to live a more fulfilled and happy life. My intention is to put this information out to the universe free of charge for anyone who is ready for a change in this journey we call life. I hope you join me on this awakening, worthwhile voyage 🙂



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