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Weight Loss~~No Potions, Products or Tricks~Oh My ;)

ImageOkay, so anyone who has ever struggled with losing weight knows there are millions (probably gazillions 😉 of weight loss programs to choose from. Each program sponsor claiming their ‘program or pills’ can perform weight loss miracles for anyone who commits to their program & buys their products.

I had fallen prey to many of these weight loss programs & spent more money than I care to admit on their potions, motions and products. Finally about 3 years ago, I decided enough was enough & came up with my own realistic food plan.  After many years of trying to lose weight I knew the key as everyone most likely have heard, it comes down to calories in, calories out = whether or not you lose, gain or maintain weight. I came up with a menu plan that I could actually follow & could AFFORD.

I want to share my basic, realistic, affordable diet/life plan of how I lost 130 pounds over the span of about a one year and have successfully maintained a healthy weight for more than two years now. However, I must admit I am not a nutritionist, a doctor, or trying to claim this is by far the healthiest plan for everyone to follow. I simply KNOW this food/life plan is what FINALLY worked for me and continues to work. Even if just one person finds this information helpful that will make writing this for me worthwhile.  Losing pounds for me also lifted up my soul and opened me to many new experiences. I now enjoy life on a level I only before had dreamed possible! Each person I think should listen to their bodies & if unsure about how safe any diet plan is, should consult with their doctor before beginning any diet plan, especially if diabetic. 

My journey started at my yearly doctor visit. My doctor was very blunt about my state of health, at that time I was at my highest weight (267). I almost left my weight a mystery in sharing this, but as embarrassing as this is for me I think it’s important to understand if I at this level of excessive weight can do it, anyone can! He explained at my visit bluntly I was basically killing myself and only I had the power to change. Needless to say I ended up blubbering to him, blaming my high weight on my inability to exercise because of my knee pain. My doctor’s words cut deeply because I knew them to be true, I was the only one responsible for my state of health. He prescribed cholesterol medication for me since my levels were too high—yet another contribution my excessive weight had caused, or I should say I caused. I left the doctor’s office embarrassed, upset but determined to change my life for the better.

I started the cholesterol medication as my doctor prescribed only to find it caused nausea. At first I thought great, at least if I’m sick I won’t eat as much and possibly lose weight that way. But, didn’t follow that route—couldn’t take feeling sick to my stomach daily, and after the first month I discontinued the cholesterol medicine. I decided to create my own meal plan that I could afford & follow, hoping at my next yearly visit I could prove to my doctor I didn’t need the cholesterol medication. 

Below is the basic diet I follow now to maintain my current weight of around 140 pounds, this diet evolved—it was a gradual process, at my heavier weight I ate more and as the months passed I tapered the plan down to the fewer calories I eat now. When I first started I ate approximately 1200 calories per day, so in addition to the below diet I would eat a can of soup at lunch, 2 pkgs of oatmeal instead of 1 for breakfast and a daily turkey sandwich on the 35 calorie wheat bread. Keeping calories between 800 and 1000 daily I think ANYONE can and will drop pounds. The food plan I follow below is easy to follow because it’s all about controlling calories eaten so there is no need to count every calorie you eat because I know how many calories are these foods. I personally think it really doesn’t matter what you eat when you want to shed pounds, I believe it’s all about how many calories you are eating and how many calories you are burning off in a day—period!  

The claims to eat only protein or only carbs, I personally believe to be silly—but then again, if someone truly believes something WILL work, that is a huge advantage right there! I believe in the law of attraction (LOA) and also for years lived my life based on LOA beliefs. Basically what this means for me is what you put out—the vibrational essence, is what you will bring into your life. If you’re consistently positive or negative, those types of experiences and people will be a part of your life. However, more of LOA is for another blog at another time, or this blog posting will turn into a book 😉

For me, I feel eating more fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, and quality grains are probably the best for the body—remember the food pyramid. However, to eat fresh daily I found to be very costly, this is another reason I came up with my plan. I can actually afford to buy what I eat from week to week and after a year of staying on this my cholesterol according to my doctor was great as well as my overall state of health. I was and am healthy eating this meal plan that is why I’m sharing. I drink at least 8 glasses of water, at least 1 cup Yogi Tea, occasionally 1 cup of hot chocolate or a skinny Starbucks, and black coffee. So you can see I pretty much am drinking something all day—mostly fluids with no calories, I find this helps to curb appetite.

Current plan:  Breakfast: 1 pkg. Apples/Cinnamon instant oatmeal. I mix mine with water. Coffee/black

Snack:  If desired, any fruit (such as a banana or berries) or any type of raw vegetables.

Lunch: 1 large apple with crunchy peanut butter: I slice the apple & put the peanut butter on the slices—I’m not skimpy at all with the PB, as this is most of my daily protein I go through about 3 jars of peanut butter each week.

Dinner: A frozen Smart Ones packaged meal (or any brand you prefer Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice ect…) all of these packaged meals usually have 300 calories or under & have many different ones to choose from. Sometimes if I’m really hungry I will also have a turkey sandwich: 2 pieces of wheat 35 calorie bread, mustard, and pickles or those yellow mild peppers~love those 😉 Other times if I’m not as hungry, I will skip the frozen meal & only eat the sandwich.

So there it is in a nutshell, the basis for how I lost 130 pounds and maintain my current weight of around 140 pounds.  I go between 140 -145 but weigh myself weekly to ensure I never go above 145. If I find myself at 146 I know I’ve eaten or drank too much and will cut back on the peanut butter or maybe for a couple days just eat the turkey sandwich for dinner without the packaged meal. Following this plan I’m still able to enjoy occasional family dinners, celebrations and holidays because it’s all about eating in moderation and controlling calories. As far as exercise, I do not follow a routine I just try to stay active and go for walks when I can J  I would like to start an exercise program though to help in tightening up my body, but so far I rely on my clothes to cover any jiggles 😉 I hope this information is as helpful to someone as it was and still is for me!