Facebook Confessions & Mutterings

My early morning routine consists of COFFEE & scrolling through facebook status updates. As I was sTrolling through the many updates this morning, it hit me harder than usual at the amount of blaming, groaning, moaning, complaining & lack of appreciation for anything that is all over this social media outlet. It seems to me some people are using facebook as their personal confessional, their life diary.

Before facebook people that continually complain were less noticeable due to the fact daily contact could be easily avoided. Now with facebook these people are on the forefront, eager beavers one could say to facebook what they believe to be the injustice that befalls them on a daily, often minute to minute basis. 

However, I have to ask myself why keep these complainers on my friend list? Is it because I find their grumblings humorous, a need to help them, or from sheer curiosity? I’ve concluded it’s a little of all 3. I’m thinking with the growing & sustaining popularity of reality TV, I may not be the only one that keep these complainers as facebook friends.

I want to reach through the computer sometimes & scream STOP BLAMING EVERYONE FOR YOUR UNHAPPINESS, ONLY YOU~YOU~YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY!!! But, instead I continue scrolling reading various status updates & mumbling to myself, giggling, or feeling sad for their inability to realize the obvious.

Every now & then my passive~aggressive tendency slips through the facbook cracks & I ‘like’ certain babblings & insert a somewhat snarky comment here & there or share a particular quote aimed at certain postings. But, most often I say a little prayer these people to find peace within themselves & hope they soon realize we are all responsible for our own happiness or misery.

For now I will grab another cup of coffee & proceed through the days confessionals for my daily dose of entertainment, amazement & a dash of hope 😉 😉   Image