Mood-Swing Roller~Coaster

Good morning Bloggers 😀Image  Here I am again this morning reviewing yesterday’s happenings while sipping and stewing over my steaming cup of glorious coffee. Oh how I do love coffee~~let me count the ways, sorry off on another tangent. That happens from time to time.

My tangents and mood swings, I have been told have something to do with this thing called peri-menopause. As morning is my best time for reflection, this may actually have some credence as I remember yesterday my mood swings would have left even the sanest person weak in the knees.

I continue to hold onto good thoughts as best I can, since learning about law of attraction and how we bring back into our lives what we are putting out there. And, when something is irritating me to the point of my boil, I try my best to reach for a better feeling thought. But, these mood swings are really making it tough. Maybe it’s called MEN O pause for a reason, as I recall the look on my husband’s face from time to time when I catch myself in a particular mood.

I’m wondering if certain things could be mood-blasting triggers, like Walmart. Yesterday, I was in the frozen food isle at Walmart, selecting my frozen meals as they are the easiest when it comes to counting my calories.  Any~whooo… an employee was on the other side arranging or pricing or performing some such tasks, when she decides to immediately need in my section. So as she continues to stalk me—for what seemed to me as endlessly pacing back and forth directly behind me as I try to review the calories and various prices, my irritation grew by the millisecond.

I wanted to turn around and say something really snotty, but then figured no I better suck that right back in—mumbling to myself law of attraction wisdom is hard to do when I have Freda the Walmart tracker circling my personal space. But, then I think in truth she must be there because of my attitude and expectations toward my Walmart trips.

I usually expect my Walmart ventures to be filled with endless irritable situations and therefore they most generally are. So instead of wanting to say something not so nice to the Walmart employee, I should have turned around and gave her a big hug, thanking her for my AAAAHHHAAA moment.

My new thought and goal for the day will be setting better expectations and that may just attract the type of situations and people that will help to improve my roller-coaster mood ride. At the very least it could make my ride a little more fun, because I can laugh in the knowing it is me creating those mood triggers into my life.

New expectations~check, next stop Walmart and who knows maybe even the BMV 😉

Avon :)

Avon 🙂

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Work a little, Play a lot

Blogging….a new place for me to write my ramblings and in doing so will hopefully avoid embarrassing my grown children on Facebook.  

I’m not sure why, but my kids seemed a little annoyed when I would post pics, comments, and inspirational quotes on Facebook.

Okay, so I admit yes some days my postings were manic.  Perhaps 100 farmville shares, and inspirational/funny pics every 15 minutes were a bit much. 

But, hey I would rather see postings like those than the eternal complaining some facebookers post. Or those that share doom and gloom stories or photos of death and destruction. 

I go to Facebook and such online spaces to escape the ‘real’ world. So when I see constant morbid postings from someone, the unfriend button is close at hand.

If only we had a mute button in our ‘real’ world maybe I would be better at smiling and simply nodding when someone starts to complain and preach about some horrible news they heard about.

Does it really help to spread the news of doom and gloom?  Most likely not, especially to random people that cannot help or do anything to improve the morbid story being shared.

I say spread the good stuff, catch the good news and spread that around like I spread my fertilizer on my virtual Farm.  At the very least spreading good news rather than bad will maybe bring a smile to someone or make their day a little brighter.

My Farmville (FV) addiction was an excellent escape from reality, but sadly has been put on hold—well, when I say ‘hold’ I mean slowed down. My graduate classes have put the brakes on my farming. I’m sure my crops have withered and my chickens have flown their coop. 

When I do get the chance to play FV though I figured out you can limit who sees your Facebook posts, which I’m sure my non-farmville friends and kids are eternally thankful.

Thankfully, this Blog will provide me with new outlet to play—sharing the good stuff. Any excuse to put off research and writing a school paper is a good thing in my opinion. 

I don’t look at these virtual get-a-ways as procrastination, I consider this a way of gearing my inspiration/motivation up enough to tackle the stuff I ‘have’ to do….work a little, play a lot~~sounds good to me.


Mornin :)

Good Mornin !! 🙂

It is a good morning, as I sit here thankful for a warm home & hot coffee I am secure in the knowing all is well.  Even if external forces continue to swirl in a cycle of turbulence, I can still focus myself toward thoughts & feelings that bring me back to what really matters. 

My peace & joy lies within & no matter what is going on around me I now believe that.  After years of battling my internal struggles, I now believe that the vibration I’m putting out there—whether it be positive or negative is bringing back to my life similar manifestations.

Thanks to Esther Hicks, Liz Green, & the many other teachers for sharing your wisdom many years ago, because it clearly has changed my life for the better!  After 2 years I have lost well over pounds, down to my desired weight & the quality of my life has improved greatly and is in the process of getting better by the minute!!!

This little blog of mine will be a sort of diary for me & hopefully an inspiration to others.  I hope to be able to share some great videos based on the law of attraction here & other tid-bits that pop into my head…which could be anything, lol 😉

Eternal peace & love,